First visit to 마사지 White Therapy.

100,000 won for matown members! Of course, cash is the standard, and if you pay 20,000 won more, you can get an extra massage. ^ 전원 All Korean managers can get a Korean massage. I don’t know how good it is because I can communicate freely when I get a massage. The business hours are from 11 a.m. to 4 a.m., and if the cell phone is turned off, it is either closed or a random holiday! It is located in the First Officetel, near Lotte Mart in Seongjeong-dong.

That’s how the first visit to the White Therapy in Suseong-gu was made.

When I first entered the shop, I could see the bright atmosphere of the shop, and the cleanliness of the shop made me feel more luxurious with comfortable music. At a glance, I thought it would be well managed and business would be good, and I received a lot of care and as a maniac, 마사지 I concluded that my choice of visiting the shop was good. Before receiving treatment, I had a simple conversation with my boss over a cup of coffee, and he said that he was paying attention to the shop’s atmosphere because he wanted to give it a bright and comfortable image. The reason was that I wanted the guests to take over the comfortable and bright atmosphere and get out of the stress and social life that they’ve been under. It was the part where I could see the president’s mind, and it was his first face-to-face meeting, but his comfortable way of speaking and impression seemed to have too many advantages in doing business standing up. And when I finished my coffee, the janitors came in and said a few words, and then I started.

This is the last Cheonan emotional massage parlor. It’s Vera in Buldang-dong. When I come back from the soft therapy, my body and mind are all warmed up, and I wonder where else is a massage shop like this? You’re holding a weekly discount event, and you can get a discount of -10,000 won for all courses on weekdays.

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