Let’s find out about imported 88카 used cars

In order to get good prices and prices in the Korando C used car export market, there should be no accidents first. If there is an accident, you can consider that there is a difference in the reduction price depending on the accident level. What we’re talking about here is an accident, if there’s a repair that cuts the body of a vehicle and then makes a new weld, it’s called an accident.

The area where welding is carried out during repair is rear panel house. A, B, C, and filler roof are welded during replacement to check the condition of welding and determine if there is an accident. We can check the factory for spot welds at the time of shipment to see if there was an accident.~~If you look at the original condition, you will notice where it has been repaired.

Among Korando C used car export vehicles, this car is a manual four-wheel drive vehicle. It’s a rare vehicle, but there are quite a few cars that operate more than you think, so you can see when you see the door.And I drove my own car from Hoengseong, and it was really popular.~~~ I heard that you had an inhalation tuning, but it’s because it’s a manual forward six-speed driving machine, so you’ll be able to run very fast at the sixth stage. The overall appearance of the vehicle was not bad. But there’s corrosion in some places, and there’s a spot in the trunk.The problem wasn’t that.

The photo below was taken in the trunk. It was badly stamped, so it was bent to the inside iron plate.~~It’s not a big problem, but I just ordered this car to be shipped for repair.

If you look at the accident status of the Korando C used car export vehicle, you’re the first to open the trunk and see if there’s an exchange, but when you check the spot weld, there’s no accident.~~~When replacing like this, it is determined by checking the weld condition of the part that enters the accident. After checking both left and right, remove rubber to check the rear panel and check…The iron plate is bent where the trunk is crushed, right?

This is the exterior of Korando C used car export. The seal splits and rust flows between it.~I removed some of them, but I can see they’re still there.The front bumper is separated and corrosion is coming up in the middle of the bonnet. The inside of the bonnet is corroded and must have a hole.~haha

For Korando C used car export vehicles, the manual four-wheels are a little more expensive. 88카 ‘Cause the auto four-wheeler and the auto two-wheeler are just as much for sale.~~

A manual four-wheeler feels like a rare item.~~~

You seem to have exchanged sheets inside.~~~ I sat down at first, and my head touched the ceiling, so I lowered the seat, but the cushion was high, so it felt like it went up a lot.There is a four-wheel button…Unlike other vehicles, I feel like I’m definitely getting caught when I crawl.~~The rear gear has to be pulled from the gear bar, and sometimes it goes into the fourth gear without thinking about it through 6-speed shifts.The car I’m riding now is manual, but there are only 5 steps left.Haha

Here’s a picture of a problem with a Korando C used car export vehicle. In the case of exterior, if you ship it for repair, it will come back clean, but this car has a problem with corrosion on the frame.~As expected, it’s definitely a local feature.The owner of the car said that even if it snows a little bit, they spray chemicals.In fact, the apartment is cascaded, so the hill is severe, so even if it snows a little, the management office dispenses drugs. The owner of the car says he knows the corrosion, but he can’t help it.~~

And when you open the bonnet, you check the exchange status of the engine oil or the oil bonnet, and you have to check whether it’s long or short. There could be no oil, so the engine could run.~~~It costs a lot of money to get a break that can be prevented at a small cost. There’s a lot of corrosion on the lower part of the bonnet.~Wow~~~ It’s a bit too much. It’s a bolt and a nut and there’s no place without corrosion.Especially, the lower part has a lot of corrosion compared to the model year.~~Regional characteristics…crying

Once the accident is confirmed and the transaction is successful, the vehicle will be moved after the deposit is completed. And we’re going to cancel the car with your ID and registration card. If you get a cancellation, you can get an insurance cancellation refund. I’m acting on behalf of everything from moving to closing.~~There is no additional charge for the cancellation of the vehicle operation, gas, Tolbi, etc

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