When you get a foot bath, you can feel the heat spreading evenly throughout your body.

I’ve been propped up, and before we meet,

If you have a meaningful time with your boyfriend and brother,

I thought it would be good.

I was thinking about where to go, and I was thinking about my boyfriend.

I remembered Busan massage that my brother likes.

So I asked my boyfriend and found out about this place.

I made a reservation for 스웨디시 코스뜻 Cheongdam The Thai.

I wanted to keep it for a long time, so I prepared a review.

After parking at Haeundae Beach parking lot,

It’s on the third floor of the building diagonally.

I don’t have to worry about my brother who left the company separately.

I forget to take the photo when I go in.

If I went to the parking lot when I left, I took a picture from the parking lot.

From the entrance, bright lights illuminate the large signboards.

There’s a sign on the exterior of the building in all directions from afar.

It’s easy to find this place when you look at it.

I felt both casual and luxurious inside.

The opposite interior is made of a single concept.

The mole was impressive.

As soon as you get in, you’ll be warm and steady.

I was a little nervous because of the staff that greeted me.

I feel very comfortable.

Everywhere we go, we’ve been thoroughly quarantined here.

The thermometer gives you a non-contact, hygiene-conscious fever.

Even after confirming that he’s not doing it, just in case,

I used hand sanitizer and spray disinfectant carefully.

My brother and I, who work for a company, have a massage in Busan.

I used annual leave to get it.

Because I will visit there before 9 p.m. on the weekdays.

Massage Thai and Aroma when signing up for membership

You can get a cheap course.

Even though it’s not too short for 70 minutes.
This place is full of props so that there’s no time for boredom.

It was fun to watch because it was there.

The plants were just right, and the fancy decorations…

It was everywhere.

It’s the hallway to the fitting room.

The indirect light from the wall on the other side

It’s surrounded by a small corridor, and it’s in this space.

I’ve naturally calmed myself down.

This is what the dressing room looks like.

It’s installed, so when you wash your hands lightly,

It was very convenient to use this place.

Skin care such as hairdryer, toner, and lotion.

I’m going to bring it to you, and I’m going to take it

It was supposed to be possible.

The lockers were new, so it was comfortable.

With clothes or luggage, the storage space is large.

It won’t fill up the locker.

There’s also a shower facility inside the dressing room.

So if you want to wash up, you can wash up here.

We have shower supplies, including soap.

We will take a shower after getting a Busan massage.

So at first, I just took a quick look around.

My brother and I changed our clothes and went to the foot bath.

My boyfriend was waiting for me in advance.

It’s as quiet as a sleeping room at work.

While the lights aren’t strong and we’re taking a foot bath,

Because you can only hear the splash of water.

It was like a comfortable white noise.

And in the middle of it, the temperature of the body will be increased to facilitate

I’m handing him up a cup of tea. It’s light and sweet.

If you take a foot bath while drinking, you’ll have a fever all over your body

You can feel it spreading.

A foot bath is a warm-up for massage.

Let’s see.

Don’t surprise your muscles while warming up.

It’s to keep your body warm.

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