When I massage them evenly, the five minutes pass by quickly.

Ulsan Emotional Massage – Huddersgrace
The last shop I’d like to introduce is Hudder Grace located in Daldong, Ulsan. It’s a therapy shop specializing in Swadish massage and Romami massage, and it’s located near the 24 o’clock pressure district U-gukbap intersection, so you can find it quickly. It’s a great place to spend quality time with all the Korean massage paramedics who have completed the therapy course.

The program is divided into two categories, Sweetsy A course is priced at 100,000 won per 60 minutes, Secret B course at 150,000 won per 80 minutes, and C course at 180,000 won per 100 minutes. The business hours are from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. and are open 365 days a year, so it’s a 강남건마 good shop to visit anytime.

If you’re looking for more massage shops, you can check out more shops and get discounts if you go to the Gunma Banhada.

And you hold it in one hand, and you hold it in your hand with a grip.

Easy facial massage, not just EMS.

irregular low-frequency motion that is not commonly used

From the point of tapping the facial muscles and acupressure, pull the stroke.

It’s equipped with EMS programming that has overcome muscle adaptability until it relaxes and calms down!

I’m most satisfied with the fact that I have to spend only 5 minutes a day on all of these.

After the 5-minute massage, the power goes off automatically.

I didn’t have to set an alarm or check the time.~

And a head-like structure that sticks to the face and neckline.

Both balls are resistant to deformation and corrosion, and they’re safe for allergies.

The fact that it used titanium is also good! I’m not worried about hygiene. Good, good!

Press the power button and use the +, – button to adjust the face massager strength.

As you can see from the video, it’s not just a level adjustment.

Press the power of the MD Planner E5 and press the + button to raise the level.

RED LED’s coming in too. So we’ve got LED therapy and we’ve got three of these.

Patting, squeezing, and releasing work together for five minutes repeatedly.

You can get more synergy for skin elasticity and wrinkle care.

Now, let me tell you how to take care of your home using MD Planner E5.

First of all, spread your moisturizing skincare on your face!

In case of Kei, I used a sleeping pack that’s very moisturizing. I rolled it with my finger to the point where I thought it was enough.

Normally, I would handle it with my hands and absorb it.

These days, I use facial massage to absorb skin care.

You don’t have to use it every day. You can use it two or three times a week

At first, Level 1 to operate an irregular ems program.

I think you can use it by increasing the level when you get used to it!

from jawline to cheeks to forehead

Five minutes went by so quickly when I was giving a massage evenly.~

Oh! Kei’s case is now getting used to it and using it’s because she’s used to it.

And one more thing to note is that when you use an MD planner, you start with earrings.

Please note that precious metals such as rings, bracelets, and necklaces should be removed from your body.

It’s a head that sticks tightly to the curvature of the face, and it’s something I don’t usually care about.

Activate face muscle movement and even add RED LEDs to your skin.

I’m so satisfied that I can easily take care of my V-line and not to mention it on my skin.~

Even though it’s a basic makeup that I always apply, I tap and massage it.

I think it’s absorbed even more because it’s been released and absorb it.


Let’s find out about imported 88카 used cars

In order to get good prices and prices in the Korando C used car export market, there should be no accidents first. If there is an accident, you can consider that there is a difference in the reduction price depending on the accident level. What we’re talking about here is an accident, if there’s a repair that cuts the body of a vehicle and then makes a new weld, it’s called an accident.

The area where welding is carried out during repair is rear panel house. A, B, C, and filler roof are welded during replacement to check the condition of welding and determine if there is an accident. We can check the factory for spot welds at the time of shipment to see if there was an accident.~~If you look at the original condition, you will notice where it has been repaired.

Among Korando C used car export vehicles, this car is a manual four-wheel drive vehicle. It’s a rare vehicle, but there are quite a few cars that operate more than you think, so you can see when you see the door.And I drove my own car from Hoengseong, and it was really popular.~~~ I heard that you had an inhalation tuning, but it’s because it’s a manual forward six-speed driving machine, so you’ll be able to run very fast at the sixth stage. The overall appearance of the vehicle was not bad. But there’s corrosion in some places, and there’s a spot in the trunk.The problem wasn’t that.

The photo below was taken in the trunk. It was badly stamped, so it was bent to the inside iron plate.~~It’s not a big problem, but I just ordered this car to be shipped for repair.

If you look at the accident status of the Korando C used car export vehicle, you’re the first to open the trunk and see if there’s an exchange, but when you check the spot weld, there’s no accident.~~~When replacing like this, it is determined by checking the weld condition of the part that enters the accident. After checking both left and right, remove rubber to check the rear panel and check…The iron plate is bent where the trunk is crushed, right?

This is the exterior of Korando C used car export. The seal splits and rust flows between it.~I removed some of them, but I can see they’re still there.The front bumper is separated and corrosion is coming up in the middle of the bonnet. The inside of the bonnet is corroded and must have a hole.~haha

For Korando C used car export vehicles, the manual four-wheels are a little more expensive. 88카 ‘Cause the auto four-wheeler and the auto two-wheeler are just as much for sale.~~

A manual four-wheeler feels like a rare item.~~~

You seem to have exchanged sheets inside.~~~ I sat down at first, and my head touched the ceiling, so I lowered the seat, but the cushion was high, so it felt like it went up a lot.There is a four-wheel button…Unlike other vehicles, I feel like I’m definitely getting caught when I crawl.~~The rear gear has to be pulled from the gear bar, and sometimes it goes into the fourth gear without thinking about it through 6-speed shifts.The car I’m riding now is manual, but there are only 5 steps left.Haha

Here’s a picture of a problem with a Korando C used car export vehicle. In the case of exterior, if you ship it for repair, it will come back clean, but this car has a problem with corrosion on the frame.~As expected, it’s definitely a local feature.The owner of the car said that even if it snows a little bit, they spray chemicals.In fact, the apartment is cascaded, so the hill is severe, so even if it snows a little, the management office dispenses drugs. The owner of the car says he knows the corrosion, but he can’t help it.~~

And when you open the bonnet, you check the exchange status of the engine oil or the oil bonnet, and you have to check whether it’s long or short. There could be no oil, so the engine could run.~~~It costs a lot of money to get a break that can be prevented at a small cost. There’s a lot of corrosion on the lower part of the bonnet.~Wow~~~ It’s a bit too much. It’s a bolt and a nut and there’s no place without corrosion.Especially, the lower part has a lot of corrosion compared to the model year.~~Regional characteristics…crying

Once the accident is confirmed and the transaction is successful, the vehicle will be moved after the deposit is completed. And we’re going to cancel the car with your ID and registration card. If you get a cancellation, you can get an insurance cancellation refund. I’m acting on behalf of everything from moving to closing.~~There is no additional charge for the cancellation of the vehicle operation, gas, Tolbi, etc


First visit to 마사지 White Therapy.

100,000 won for matown members! Of course, cash is the standard, and if you pay 20,000 won more, you can get an extra massage. ^ 전원 All Korean managers can get a Korean massage. I don’t know how good it is because I can communicate freely when I get a massage. The business hours are from 11 a.m. to 4 a.m., and if the cell phone is turned off, it is either closed or a random holiday! It is located in the First Officetel, near Lotte Mart in Seongjeong-dong.

That’s how the first visit to the White Therapy in Suseong-gu was made.

When I first entered the shop, I could see the bright atmosphere of the shop, and the cleanliness of the shop made me feel more luxurious with comfortable music. At a glance, I thought it would be well managed and business would be good, and I received a lot of care and as a maniac, 마사지 I concluded that my choice of visiting the shop was good. Before receiving treatment, I had a simple conversation with my boss over a cup of coffee, and he said that he was paying attention to the shop’s atmosphere because he wanted to give it a bright and comfortable image. The reason was that I wanted the guests to take over the comfortable and bright atmosphere and get out of the stress and social life that they’ve been under. It was the part where I could see the president’s mind, and it was his first face-to-face meeting, but his comfortable way of speaking and impression seemed to have too many advantages in doing business standing up. And when I finished my coffee, the janitors came in and said a few words, and then I started.

This is the last Cheonan emotional massage parlor. It’s Vera in Buldang-dong. When I come back from the soft therapy, my body and mind are all warmed up, and I wonder where else is a massage shop like this? You’re holding a weekly discount event, and you can get a discount of -10,000 won for all courses on weekdays.


Let’s cool the 건마 calf massage

I’ve known that calves have been badly affected by calves.

It was so obvious that I could wear anything I cut myself.

I was fine when I was a kid.

As I grew older, I kept getting nervous.

It may look strong and good on the outside,

I felt uncomfortable every day when I felt my muscles clumped together.

So we’re going to do a lot of different ways to get rid of the eggs.

I tried to get rid of it.

It wasn’t as different as I thought.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m stuck.

Anyway, I knew it wasn’t for me.

It turns out you’re off work no matter what.

Or in a good way just because it’s intense.

It doesn’t change.

in search of what is right for you

That’s the only way to expect good results.

I’ve been wandering 건마 for months.

Now I’m settling down and doing calf massage.

Come to think of it, it was simple.

If the muscles are tight,

You just need to release it with a calf massage.

But I think it’s been too difficult for me.

I’m loosening my legs in the ways below.

First, let’s take a look at what we can do simply.

You can do it with your hands without any tools.

Our lower body is a collection of our five organs.

It’s no exaggeration to say that there are so many blood cells.

Among them, I’m the one who balances the lower body.

Press anywhere.

It looks like nothing special in this way.

It’s pretty cool when you actually do it.

I feel like she’s relaxed.

I came home from work with this gesture.

Sit on the floor and press for about 30 seconds.

I’m pressing it.

My arm hurts more than that.

Just do it moderately, please.

Have you ever seen a ring that looks like this?

If you’re in the same trouble as I am,

I’m sure it came out when I searched.

That’s why I want one on each side.

I have it ready.

This is a basic principle.

If you put it in, press down on the edge.

The roots that move when you walk.

It’s a natural massage because it’s constantly pressed


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