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The last 2020 has been a year.

In retrospect, it’s true.

It started with the coronavirus.

And the aftermath of it

It’s still going on.

Many self-employed people,

There are many economically active people.


They say they’re going through a crisis.

Among the acquaintances of the writer I actually saw,

There is a person who created a coin karaoke room earlier this year.

But 꿀알바 unfortunately,

It’s been a long time since I started business.

It hasn’t been long.

They’re in the process of closing down.

in the end of the day and night

at the offline scene

Making money from doing business is not a good idea.

I’d say it’s not a smart decision.

Corona mutant virus.

at a time when it’s continuing

Well, it’s good to make a lot of money now.

a promising job in the future

About promising jobs in the future

Worrying is the best way to go.

I think it would be desirable.

In the end, if this is the case,

Rather than offline

It will be desirable to find an opportunity to make money online.

That’s why promising future jobs, too.

from online activities

You’ll have to find it.

People are now buying and doing activities.

It’s not offline.

We’re going to do it online.

It’s a natural procedure.

Because offline.

When and how the virus spreads.

It’s scary,

That activity is online.

Because we can continue.

Isn’t that right?

And then these promising future professions,

Online economic activities

You want to participate.

What else can I do to do this?

I don’t know if I can make a living.

after easy and fun cooking

I want to do a variety of profitable activities.

Aren’t you?

After all, we’re going to be in the very near future.

economic and commercial activities

It will be used online.

at the heart of the process

You have a blog.

So I was thinking about my future career.

If I had to find a part-time job in the Corona situation,

It’s more than

Watching online is a good idea.

So it’s a more reasonable judgment.

I can do it.

Well, then, a promising future job.

Blogging Web part-time is a very important part-time job.

in what course

Is it going on?

In fact, it’s simple to make money through blogs.

First of all, growing a blog to a certain extent is not a good idea.

I need it.

Then you should write on the blog.

only at this time

The article includes some advertisements.

so that

Some of the income from the process is from the bottom of my head.

The blog operator said,

You’ll be able to receive it.

This article, for example, is a very important part of this is a good one.

I paid the tuition.

It’s called the marketing division, which is registered as a member.

It is an advertisement for a blog marketing education company.

by writing this article

I get paid a little.

It’s not easy to write like this.

What requires so much full professionalism is…

You can say no

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