Why don’t you visit the Swedish Massage Shop?

Hello! I’ve been very busy lately, so I’ve been working overtime often. So I was really tired and had a lot of muscles, so even if I worked a little bit, I got tired of working and sat down in a chair. My neck and back were really sore. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a day off and I’m visiting Ansan Swedish Massage Shop to get some healing.

Spring Therapy, which I visited, is located right in front of Exit 2 of Handaejeon Station in Ansan. I got to go by subway, but it was easy because it was in front of the station. If you bring your car, you can use the underground parking lot in the building or the public parking lot nearby. If you park in a public parking lot, it’s a good place to visit comfortably without worrying about parking!

I disinfected it before entering the shop. Most other places have only hand sanitizers, but the Swedish massage shop had a separate disinfection spray to disinfect clothes. Since it is harmless to the human body, I was able to disinfect every nook and cranny. I was able to take care of myself comfortably as I saw you pay attention to preventing corona.

The inside of Ansan massage shop was a spacious and open space, so it wasn’t stuffy. The interior was very luxurious. I feel like I’m overseas because there are a lot of furniture that use Ratan. Seeing the sensibly decorated shop made my eyes happy.

The Ansan Swedish Massage Shop had a basket containing candy and snacks. The snowman is so cute. There are many kinds, so I could choose what I wanted to eat, but it’s fun to choose what to eat.

They gave me a warm welcome. They gave me a little bit of rough Louis. The Swedish Massage Manager also explained the effects of Louis Voss. It’s excellent for skin care and diet, and it helps people with cold hands and feet, so many people with cold hands and feet. Now that I know the effects, I could enjoy the tea more.

I heard about the program at Ansan 용산건마 massage shop while drinking tea. Course A was 110,000 won for 70 minutes and course B was 130,000 won for 90 minutes. Before the massage, I thought the price was a bit burdensome, but after I got the care, I was so satisfied with the care that it was worth the money.

I moved to the changing room to change my clothes. The lockers at the Ansan Swedish Massage Shop had plenty of space to store bulky or long clothes like winter clothes, and were perfect for large, heavy loads. It was very comfortable for me that I didn’t have to worry about losing my key because it was a password lock.

I get an Ansan aroma massage, so they gave me disposable underwear as well. Maybe because it was a well-washed gown, it didn’t smell bad and the texture of the skin was soft, so it was good to wear.

The Korean massage manager in Ansan was releasing the foot bath beforehand. I could enjoy foot baths right away without having to wait. The Swedish Massage Shop gave me a teapot and tea to enjoy foot baths.

The gentle scent of the jokyoje calmed down the mind and the sound of the music was the best environment to relax. I just dipped my feet in the water, and I really liked how my whole body felt warm.

I was going to the room for treatment, but there were various types of rooms at the Ansan Swedish Massage Shop. People who come alone can get a private massage, a double room for couples or friends, and a group room for up to four people at the same time. They don’t use a group room because of the corona. When the corona calms down, I’ll come with my friends to get it!

You gave me a simple scalp massage. It was different from the acupressure that simplified hair at the hair salon. It was so cool that I couldn’t help but smile. It wasn’t the pressure you gave me, but the pressure you put on your weight so it didn’t hurt and it was cool. I didn’t know at the Swedish Massage Shop that scalp massage is this cool, even though your blood vessels are giving you a proper pressure.

My back really hurt a lot, so I asked them to focus on my back. I press down on my back with dry food and relax, but I didn’t exercise by myself or stretch well because of Ansan massage manager’s care, my uncomfortable back disappeared as if it was washing up. There’s really nothing like a Swedish massage when you’re stiff.

Even if I didn’t tell you where I was clumped, you noticed it first and managed it intensively. They released them one by one by one using hand and using parentheses or other tools. The Ansan Swedish Massage Manager seemed to be really good at controlling the pressure. The part that seemed to hurt was weak and gentle, but she wasn’t good at it for a year or two.

After the massage, I moved around, and my back and shoulders were relaxed. I always had the word “hurriafda” on my back, but it was comfortable to sit in a chair after a massage because I could feel the professional release of the Swedish massage shop.

I came to the shower room and found shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in big letters. My eyesight is really bad, so I can’t even see myself close to her. But I always had to take off my glasses when I took a shower, so it was hard to find a shampoo and conditioner. The massage shop in Ansan was well marked, so I could take a shower comfortably.

Skin care products and disposable products were also fully set. If you suddenly come to get a massage, you can get it comfortably without panic, so I think it’s a good Swedish massage shop to come to get care anytime!

Lastly, they gave me a cup of tea, and I feel comfortable inside because I’ve had a proper healing experience. I’m still satisfied with it’s been a while since I’s been healed. If you think you need a break, why don’t you go to Ansan Swedish Massage Shop?

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