Chanelback, a birthday present for a sunny spring day

Hello! I’ve been saying hello for a long time.

Today, I think of a day like that when I was a birthday present for a warm California spring day.

I don’t even remember a copy of it now, because it’s a corona, a dress, a shoe. Tsu-eup!

I’ll take care of the mosaics of my sister and sister, who are both American and Western.

This is New Pyot Beach, New California, United States

My sister and brother live on the beach in Torrance, and this day we all celebrate the birthday of spring, which is coming to family time.

We met at the South Costa Plaza mall, and you told me about Chanel’s store.

I’m not expensive, I’m wearing a pouch bag. I don’t think I’ve ever had this impulse purchase again.

I don’t really have much of a bath, because I’ve lived in California, because the prices are so high that I don’t have money to shop, so I think that’s the right word for it.

As a birthday present on spring day, I bought Chanel bag one by one and my sisters were excited.

I don’t have a portrait right in 레플리카 the back of the head, so I’ll raise it up.

In fact, the United States is so desperate for California to go too far because of the lack of American water these days.

I like my birthday present with a sheepskin Chanel bag, and Monga is carrying a wallet with a light key, and I usually like the casual spa brand of expensive clothes. There’s no such bag in this comfortable Calleigh attire fashion.

That dress is also a dress I bought for about $ 10,000 for Abercrombie clearance sale.

I like the fabrics that can just turn the laundry and turn the dryer. These comfortable fabrics are also good prices.

It’s not silk or linen.

It’s a beautiful day, so many people walk. It’s a sunny spring day on the weekend.

I was happy to get a birthday present on Newport Beach! I was born in spring, and I’m excited when spring comes.

The blue buildings and bridges in the Newport Beach landscape look a bit like landmarks.

There are so many beautiful beach bridges in California. You can see Lara Land in the movie and it’s just coming out.

I’ve never been there before.

My sister, who has been living for decades, has gone.

Yogi, you see this cute duck bird, too? It’s a common routine when you walk near the beach.

Nature is so good.

Chanelback, a proud cut of his birthday present. It’s a wild scenery that I wouldn’t dream of now.

Now, if you have money, you do not shop, and you want to invest in a global financial crisis.

Anyway, what’s the prettier Chanelback on Newport Beach springtime? Of course it’s yours.

I’m the second sister with the code. I’ve always met a lot of age differences, and there’s a lot of fun and fun and conversation. And it was especially nice to travel with my sister and my brother and my family.

Our travel member soon met again and set a goal to travel to Cruiser anywhere in the United States!

Let’s make it real today, okay?

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