This is more options than I thought

When I traveled to the South Island in the past,

I went to the famous Hanok Village together.

But it’s so much worse than I thought, so I remember a good memory

There’s no traffic left, because there’s no traffic

It wasn’t good and it was so cold in winter weather

It was hard to borrow hanbok, and I just borrowed it

I saw people taking pictures, and they all made

I was using it, and the price

I’m trying to buy something to buy

When you do, look at the price and put your wallet down.

I was on the bus and I was so excited

It’s been a hard journey, and in the meantime,

The teahouse that I stopped by traditionally smells like this

I was just glad to have something good to sell.

I mean, I’m sure it’s a long time ago. If you think about it

If there was a bob, I would have liked to go

I could have done it, but I didn’t, and everyone

I’m going to come back and get a cold or get sick

It was a mess of weather. Winter again

I was a student, and now I am a student

I’m in a commuter position. If you take a bus

Well, it’s only a half hour, but I’m waiting for it

I also think that the time to stand on the ride

I keep listening, I just thought I’d stop by and go to work

I saw a light car that I thought was good for work.

So is there a car like Chevrolet Spark used?

I wanted to find out!

Morning is one of the best in that, but I am also

Chevrolet Spark Used and Relatively I like design

He was listening and he looked hard.

The color is a little darker than white in pearl

There was, like this, Chevrolet’s emblem was yellow

The center of the radiator grille is pinned down with color

and I’m giving it to them. They’re all in the same position

Even with the headlamps, you’re making a sharp impression.

Is it supposed to be given? It’s pretty, right?

There are also a few people who prefer this side

I don’t think so. I’m relatively thinking

I don’t like the emblems to do it.

I was showing you the design that kept the middle.

It is neatly clean without any surface being stamped

I thought I was there, but I was

I’ve been out there a little bit

I was showing you, bring him in here

If so, a simple 88카 commercialization?

I’m gonna wash it and give you a glossy one

There are no other problems to be made

You introduced me confidently while you were doing it.

I’m also looking at the keys

Not short, but I guessed the residual value

More than Chevrolet Sparks

It was expressed in a side.

I’m gonna make you think that this is gonna be great

I’m just saying, this guy is a commonplace

I don’t think so, but I remember because it’s a high degree of perfection

So you’re still here, and not only that, but also indoors

it uses in existing when entering

There’s not much evidence of the use that might have occurred.

The driver’s seat is probably the longest

First, how the damage remains

I’m starting to see that this is the only way

I didn’t think I should. It’s a very durable

Two tones of good, well-knit black leather

I was giving them color.

There’s also a Chevrolet Spark used lever.

Fluidly, it angles and location is controlled

So I’m going to use the legroom more efficiently

It’s a little narrow, you know?

I was worried about this part, but I’m glad

It’s so neat that I thought

I was on the side, and I also had a seat in the back

When I came to refer to the condition,

I could have said there was no sign

It was well maintained to the point

When I look at it, I’m impressed

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